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I was *** and provided my info (email address & phone number...even SS#!) quickly looking to see some rates. Literally less than a minute later i received 4 phone calls which i had to put each on hold to answer the next as i use my personal phone for work and often have unidentified numbers calling me...this is insane. i immediately regret having signed into this. I've changed my profile name and telephone number hoping that i wont get any more calls! Do not make the same mistake unless you want to have repeated banks and lenders calling your... Read more

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DO NOT !!! Give this company any info unless you want your phone ringing from 8am. to 10pm. I am so pissed !!! Would have been find with 1 or 2 of the best matches contacting me... but NO... instead i have every lender in the country bothering me... next stop for me, BBB... learn from my mistake JUST SAY NO TO LENDING TREE Add comment

Yes my husband borrowed only 200.00 and this company took out 185.00 a month for at least 5 months or more he was not told he was going to have to pay back almost 2000.00 for a 200. Loan thats just plan rediclous you all are making and cheating peiple out of money. Add comment

I am very elated to read so many bad experiences people had with Lending tree because I feel like u do they made me feel bad with each of your stories I felt please thanks they can hurt you if you let them, I say move on and stay away but thanks for letting me see you have been hurt too. To everyone please stay away from Lending tree, these are too many examples Majority Rules and we are the Majority thanks Guys I needed that. I hope the Laws be changed to protect us from these people at Lending tree, but for now we can just vent our feelings... Read more

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Do not click on any spam email about mortgage rates. You will inevitably end up a spam, text, and phone call target for lending tree. I have been getting email all day every day from them for nearly a year. Sometimes it's VA Liam advertisement, or FHA or well the list goes on and on. I've unsubscribed. Ive forwarded to nothing stops this assault. Ive called the numbers listed on all this spam and no matter what they advertise its always Lending Tree. I used to like the Internet. I just don't like the Internet anymore. I'm... Read more

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Using a website was to avoid being hunted by mortgage lenders. Once I put my info into the Lending Tree site, my phone started ringing off the wall, and with people who did not want to take no for an answer. I quickly called LT to ask them to take my account down, but I was told that a blast of my info had already gone out to lenders. I hate being rude to people, but I still don't understand how an inquiry on the internet in the peace of my office could unleash such a fury of person-to-person sales calls. Ugh! That was precisely what I... Read more

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I wish I had read this before sending them my information. If I had the time and money I would hire a lawyer and go after them! What they do is very unethical. And then there was the Royal Mortgage Group that I decided to go with for a loan. And they were even worse in the scamming business. We paid almost $400 for a appraisal and then they wanted to charge us $6000 to borrow $14,000. And they seem to think that was a wonderful deal! Heck no. Lesson learned will only deal with local Bank or lending companies. and then they wanted to charge us... Read more

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Honestly I shopped rates with Lendingtree and it was awful, I couldn't stop the calls and emails from them and a ton of mortgage companies who were not helpful. I found that The Lenders Network is a much better website for someone who is looking to shop rates, or have a low credit so like me. They actually look at your situation and only match you with lenders that can actually help. All I got from Lending Tree was tons of calls, mostly from credit repair companies for months on end! I ended up getting approved by a company that The Lenders... Read more

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Trying to pay my daughter's debt. Lending Tree refuses to take my money!!!! Is this their way to keep people locked into these high interest rates and keep them in debt? Add comment

I was searching for 15 year fixed mortgage rates and came up marketing a 2.75% rate with 2.79% APR. This implies that you can get this loan with no points. Every lender they connected me with laughed at that rate and said they couldn't touch it. So I was suckered into giving my information and the real rates are closer to 3.5%. I called them back and they had no answer and could not provide any specific lenders that offered that rate- so they are lying about the rate. I did the same search today and they are still... Read more

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