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I started completing their online form to check on rates as it seemed like a simple process. I filled in my home phone number thinking I was going to get a call from them directly. Next they asked for SS# and red flags went up. I clicked cancel the request form and exited. Too late as they must have been skimming the online form and they have sold my phone number to at least 6 companies that have been non-stop calling my number. BIG MISTAKE in... Read more

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Did not call Lending Tree yet I have received tons of calls from mortgage companies after someone fill in my info on there web page. Told them we as consumers should start a lawsuit for selling our information!! They informed me that they never sell your personal info to other companies. That's a lot of bullsh--! How can you fill out info and then start getting calls from all over the place. They know with all there money it would be hard for... Read more

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Please stay away. They'll ask for the last 4 of your social security number and other basic info to run your credit around 5 times. You may think you're only providing info to find the lowest rates but they'll have multiple hard inquires on your credit report right away. Bad business practice!!

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Giving out false credit scores.

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I receive an email from lending tree I though they wil be the only company runing my credit, it turnout that few hours later several lenders had my information and the worst part of all this lenders without my authorization run a hard inquiry on my credit which went from 720 to 632, I can also think this is a type of scam from this company because now my credit is fair instead of good as it was before, the interest rate they will offer... Read more

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I contacted Lending Tree and was turned over to their subsidiary Gold Star Financials in Ann Arbor Michigan! Run!!! Worst Mortgage Company ever!!! Shame on you Lending Tree having them under you!!!

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Can't get anyone from this company to return a phone call. Help me in anyway. Long hold times, today I was on hold and it finally went to voicemail. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE

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In 2014, I was curious to see what was the lowest refi rate I could get. Like an ***, I submitted my social security number to what I thought was Just Lending Tree. Within minutes, I had about 15 banks calling me and to make matters worse, ALL of these banks did a formal credit inquiry. As a result, I just checked my credit and it is 150 points lower than it was. I am calling my lawyer. I called them and they said that they were just trying to... Read more

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Lending tree is conning people. I wanted to refinance since their rates were so low... They first made me pay their people to appraise my house. It is a single on a dead end road outside of town with a 3 car garage and 3/4 acre of property on the top of a mountain. The appraiser said it was worth a lot less than what i know it is worth. The sold houses they showed me to compair were all attached row homes in the middle of town with no land and... Read more

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I was *** and provided my info (email address & phone number...even SS#!) quickly looking to see some rates. Literally less than a minute later i received 4 phone calls which i had to put each on hold to answer the next as i use my personal phone for work and often have unidentified numbers calling me...this is insane. i immediately regret having signed into this. I've changed my profile name and telephone number hoping that i wont get any more... Read more

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