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Lending Tree wants to help me consolidate credit card debt.The rate they offer is 25%. How does that help? I don't pay that on my credit cards.

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WARNING! DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION VIA THIS SITE UNLESS YOU WANT CONSTANT CALLS FROM SOLICITORS IMMEDITELY AND NON-STOP. I was curious and started the process of entering my information which included: my phone number was entered and then I had decided not to enter my social security number as this would not be wise and exited precess. I did not submit any information and now MY PHONE RINGS NON-STOP. I use this phone for work and I am... Read more

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I applied for a $40,000 HE loan 7/14/16 and I was approved until they reviewed the condo questionnaire. Then they denied my loan on 8/30/16. I spent over $500 having the condo appraised and $100 for the condo questionnaire plus copying and faxing charges. They should not have ordered the appraisal until my loan was approved. I am a 72 year old female living on a fixed income and the money spent is very important to me. I feel that I should... Read more

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Boy did I screw up! I thought I was going to get a list of interest rates to compare in my area. Instead, I got a list of numbers to call to receive rates. I really just wanted to do a quick comparison. Now all of these companies are CALLING ME NONSTOP for days. I literally have received well over 50 calls & the different lenders will call as much as every hour or every other hour. This is what I mean by RELENTLESS. It has already impacted my... Read more

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How exactly is a half-naked man cavorting about with a half-naked muppet supposed to convince me to take this company seriously?? The ad wizards at Lending Tree might want to sit down in a think-tank to seriously discuss the commercials that will reflect their product. I mean, cmon'. A half naked green muppet in its underwear??? Are you serious??? I'll even take the *** woman from Progressive more seriously than a naked man and his puppet. ... Read more

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Honestly the worst most RETARTED people ive ever met. They call everyday once way too early in the a.m & once at dinner time. EVERYYYYYYY DAY. EVEN though i told them to stop ive recorded our convo of me telling them 14 times to never call me again . im going to file a police report as we speak. & than they had the nerve to say i "must be ***". Yes im so ***, so stop calling my *** Self !

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Awful lender. Sold my loan within a year. Bad communication. NEVER USE LENDING TREE!!

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Seriously I filled out the online form yesterday to try and get some offers for a refinance on our mortgage and since then, in less than 24 hours, I have gotten over 25 phone calls from lenders INCLUDING at 6:30 in the morning! It's outrageous. Never us Lending Tree unless you want all your information sold off and harassment from lenders at all hours of the day/night. I've filled out 3 complaints on their site and asked to be removed from the... Read more

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I started completing their online form to check on rates as it seemed like a simple process. I filled in my home phone number thinking I was going to get a call from them directly. Next they asked for SS# and red flags went up. I clicked cancel the request form and exited. Too late as they must have been skimming the online form and they have sold my phone number to at least 6 companies that have been non-stop calling my number. BIG MISTAKE in... Read more

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Did not call Lending Tree yet I have received tons of calls from mortgage companies after someone fill in my info on there web page. Told them we as consumers should start a lawsuit for selling our information!! They informed me that they never sell your personal info to other companies. That's a lot of bullsh--! How can you fill out info and then start getting calls from all over the place. They know with all there money it would be hard for... Read more

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